Halia’s new lab is featured in the Provo Daily Herald
September 18, 2023

“Halia Therapeutics believes it is on the forefront of research to target chronic inflammation to treat neurodegeneration and inflammatory diseases.

Chronic inflammation causes more health issues than the average person may realize. It causes arthritis, anemia, Alzheimer’s, bone marrow disorders and many other diseases.

Started in 2017, Halia Therapeutics has now expanded to a new facility in Lehi at The Summit, 3900 Traverse Mountain Blvd., Suite 100. In the new facility are state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment to further the company’s research. The founders are David Bearss, president and chief executive officer; Jared Bearss, chief operating officer; and Keoni Kauwe, president of BYU-Hawaii.

The grand opening of the Lehi facility was held on Aug. 22 with a current total of 18 employees, many of whom are graduates from Brigham Young University where they trained in the lab under Kauwe.”