Halia Therapeutics CEO David Bearss featured on Bioworld Podcast
December 11, 2023

One aspect of 2023 our group of executives completely agreed on: the past year was tough financially. And they all foresee a more vibrant year ahead for the market. Giving all of them hope were technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, game changing weight loss drugs, the surging fascination with ADCs and hope for lower interest rates. But uncertainty looms about the upcoming general election in the U.S. and ground-shifting gene therapies. In a preview of the annual Biotech Showcase conference, an investor conference for private and micro- to mid-cap biotech companies Jan. 8-10 in San Francisco, BioWorld spoke with Dave Bearss, CEO of Halia Therapeutics Inc., Vimal Mehta, CEO of Bioxcel Therapeutics Inc., Paul Lammers, CEO at Triumvira Immunologics Inc., Chris Pirie, COO of HDT Bio Corp., Thijs Spoor, CEO of Perspective Therapeutics Inc. and Shelley Hartman, CEO of Aegle Therapeutics Corp. They offered insights brought about by years of hard-won experience.

Listen below to the podcast: