BioWorld: Halia to use Canary Speech’s AI vocal biomarker platform to inform development of HT-4253 for Alzheimer’s
February 9, 2024

Halia Therapeutics Inc. and Canary Speech Inc. have established a collaboration in Alzheimer’s disease. This collaboration leverages Canary Speech’s artificial intelligence (AI) vocal biomarker platform, which utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze subtle changes in voice patterns and monitor cognitive function changes in Alzheimer’s patients. Halia will integrate these insights to enhance the development and efficacy of its new Alzheimer’s drug, HT-4253.

HT-4253 is an orally administered small molecule with excellent brain penetration that targets LRRK2, a mediator of neuroinflammation. LRRK2 inhibition by HT-4253 could represent a new way to treat neurodegenerative diseases with an inflammatory component by changing how the disease progresses.

Halia plans to file for an IND with HT-4253 this year, with the goal of initiating a first-in-human phase I trial by year-end. See the Halia Therapeutics News Release.